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Home sweet home..

June 27, 2004 something i miss very much now! Well hello cruel world! Anyway, thats the way life treats you.

So the tale be told, i am in bangalore now, very very far from kothamangalam, my home for the past 4 years… For starters , i am joining Infosys , the "Company" , tomorrow. As they say, survival of the fattest .. er fittest , whatever. So im out of the frying pan and hanging from the flames. results arent out yet. Hmm , so i guess i'll be hanging around till then.

IIM-B students,be warned! Jeni Kurian has landed. right now in wonderland (hostel) ,surfing on his laptop, wondering what the next two years have in store for him. Oh, the joy of sitting together in class and bashing your brains out every now and then..

Big Jake, (Jake the Fake) is coming to Ingersoll Rand, remember him the next time you see those fancy road rollers repairing our roads..

Finally me, down to the last straw. Lets say , I dont see too many people with kids in Pubs… (or people drinking lime soda either ) .

People tired of big city life, may i strongly advise you to visit Kothamangalam (-land) !!
From tomorrow, im a working man (it was nice while it lasted)
Now if only the work environment was like Dilbert or Drew Carey!!!

Seeya ..


Chatrapati Shivaji Airport

June 20, 2004

this is your captain speaking…

So here i am at Mumbai "International" Domestic airport. On to trivandrum in an hour or so. Mumbai's been fun, but im sure the flight will be more. Flight Sim , stand back.. here comes the real thing!
On to the lounge for some birdwatching…..

Enjoy your flight!

the Azkaban ….. IMAX Experience

June 19, 2004

Something wicked this way comes….
are the words that pop into my mind when i heard the exorbitant ticket fee for the "complete" experience!
The complete experience consists of:
0. IMAX Adlabs at mumbai
1. 12,000 Watts of digital wrap around sound
2. The largest ever film size
3. Digital something or the other
4. did i mention the 12,000 Watts of digital sound?
5. The largest dome theatre in the world.

Now for the experience… After buying the tickets and making our way in.. (me and aunt) we made our way for a snack – the life giving force. So anyway we made our choice fromm the 1000+ seats available..

Armed with a sandwich, we braved the whatever was in store for us. First a dolphins trailer, yup, thats truly amazing, it felt really realistic, the dolphin filling the huge dome screen!! and diving right at us. Next a brief clip of space and the milky way also really cool! Hmm, looks interesting i think. No.

Act 1, Scene 1, Action.

A huge WB logo (Warner Bro.s) filling up the screen, wonderful! makes you wonder what a huge cinema screen wrapped around your head would seem like. Then the movie begins.. So far so good, i had to keep tilting my head left right (like a tennis match) to see who's where.
So harry potter – the poor little kid with a short fuse. Gets angry easily, eats a Lot of chocolate. Hmm, for an IMAX movie, it didnt seem any different from normal, just take a normal screen and pull the edges towards you. Every now and then I had the feeling that I was in Azkaban.

…….. Watch the movie, not that its amazing, but watch it anyway.

Result: my aunt is cured of her "imax fever" , i guess .

National Roaming (Literally)

June 17, 2004

Greetings fellow earthlings,
U get the feeling sometimes that things just arent going your way?
Im getting that feeling right now,The third attempt to start this blog, after two seemingly unrelated incidents with an injured big toe and a cut hand thanks to a revolving office chair and a door handle…. Well , not too sure about this blog thing but i figured, its worth a try. I've got a B.Tech and a B.Sarc, as in technical writing and sarcasm. Two qualities i think have me undeniably prepared for the future.

Somehow , i think were all a bit too dependant on our mobile phones as a lifeline. In a way true, as we do feel a bit helpless, when we try to contact someone and hear a recorded voice saying "no can do"… Or your pulse and heartbeat would be replaced by the little flashing indicator keeping u informed that u are still in range. Hmm, I wonder how people got along without em.
Mobile battery dead — similar to brain dead !! Im sure everyone has heard of something called TRAI / TDSAT . TDSAT sounds something like a fancy satellite .. no can do. Tribunal something something something. TRAI is like a fairy godmother telling ur mobile company not to Overcharge you when you go on those trips of little or no importance. Well , thats about as much as it does. So while my mobile company buggers Overcharge me and tell me " your complaint is being processed all i can do is twiddle my thumbs.

I am in mumbai rite now,in the neighbouhood of Master Blaster Tendulkar and Miss Bliss Aish warya Rai…. So whats there to see? Plenty, more 'wildlife' than a bird sanctuary, so one might have to keep one or both eyes on the road while trodding along.

As the school year has started and my cousins S(11) and T(9) have gone back to school, i feel it such a releif to have "passed out" such a long time back .. rather than "pass away"…. Oh the homework, the tutions, and more homework. Engineering students have it better. Great minds have decided to classify the homework as "ASSignments" ..the more the merrier.
Where would we be without them? Better off,as I always say.

Well thats one small step for man, one giant leap for Blogkind…

** First Blogs are the best blogs! **