the Azkaban ….. IMAX Experience

Something wicked this way comes….
are the words that pop into my mind when i heard the exorbitant ticket fee for the "complete" experience!
The complete experience consists of:
0. IMAX Adlabs at mumbai
1. 12,000 Watts of digital wrap around sound
2. The largest ever film size
3. Digital something or the other
4. did i mention the 12,000 Watts of digital sound?
5. The largest dome theatre in the world.

Now for the experience… After buying the tickets and making our way in.. (me and aunt) we made our way for a snack – the life giving force. So anyway we made our choice fromm the 1000+ seats available..

Armed with a sandwich, we braved the whatever was in store for us. First a dolphins trailer, yup, thats truly amazing, it felt really realistic, the dolphin filling the huge dome screen!! and diving right at us. Next a brief clip of space and the milky way also really cool! Hmm, looks interesting i think. No.

Act 1, Scene 1, Action.

A huge WB logo (Warner Bro.s) filling up the screen, wonderful! makes you wonder what a huge cinema screen wrapped around your head would seem like. Then the movie begins.. So far so good, i had to keep tilting my head left right (like a tennis match) to see who's where.
So harry potter – the poor little kid with a short fuse. Gets angry easily, eats a Lot of chocolate. Hmm, for an IMAX movie, it didnt seem any different from normal, just take a normal screen and pull the edges towards you. Every now and then I had the feeling that I was in Azkaban.

…….. Watch the movie, not that its amazing, but watch it anyway.

Result: my aunt is cured of her "imax fever" , i guess .


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