Home sweet home..

..is something i miss very much now! Well hello cruel world! Anyway, thats the way life treats you.

So the tale be told, i am in bangalore now, very very far from kothamangalam, my home for the past 4 years… For starters , i am joining Infosys , the "Company" , tomorrow. As they say, survival of the fattest .. er fittest , whatever. So im out of the frying pan and hanging from the flames. B.tech results arent out yet. Hmm , so i guess i'll be hanging around till then.

IIM-B students,be warned! Jeni Kurian has landed. right now in wonderland (hostel) ,surfing on his laptop, wondering what the next two years have in store for him. Oh, the joy of sitting together in class and bashing your brains out every now and then..

Big Jake, (Jake the Fake) is coming to Ingersoll Rand, remember him the next time you see those fancy road rollers repairing our roads..

Finally me, down to the last straw. Lets say , I dont see too many people with kids in Pubs… (or people drinking lime soda either ) .

People tired of big city life, may i strongly advise you to visit Kothamangalam (-land) !!
From tomorrow, im a working man (it was nice while it lasted)
Now if only the work environment was like Dilbert or Drew Carey!!!

Seeya ..


2 Responses to “Home sweet home..”

  1. Kraz Arkin Says:


  2. Kraz Arkin Says:

    Your taste in music was abhorrent but your collection was definitely to covet.

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