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You’ve been Bangalored!

August 31, 2004

Greetings friends , romans and fellow software engineers….

Its been two long months and 2 pay cheques since, i just havent been in my element……
If you refer to Bangalore times , im sure you would have read about the term Bangalored
A life of excitement, glamour, girls , sex , money, high speed vehicles,spooky stuff and plenty of aspirins. Allow me to elaborate.

The excitement: sure , if you see the joy in peoples faces as they walk hand in hand, hand in pocket , hand in someone elses pocket, you know , its a place to have fun. I spent the last two days of my 60 day jail sentence in "the forum" . thats a hip hangout in koramangala. So0mething like visiting heaven for a brief instant before being sent to hell. visited Pizza hut, enjoyed a 400 buck monster with two friends . L & R. (monster as in the 400 bucks and not the size of the pizza ). Compared to the last two months, i must say it was a hell lot of fun.

glamour. yup . cant go wrong here, when im back in kerala, and look around, then i know what im missing here. Anyway – bangalore ppl, you sure know how to dress ..

girls, sex, money – the three things that i dont have, 😦 makes sense doesnt it.

high speed vehicles: im sure you have never noticed just how fast a guy carrying a sackload of vegetables on a TVS 50 moped can actually go? well, ill say he'll give schumi a run for his money.

spooky stuff. theres a time in your life when your head gets soooo messedup with things going on around that you get spooked & scared senseless by the shadow of a guy on a cycle heading straight for you. yup: Cuckoo cuckoo.. (@ gone case )

finally the aspirins. something regular at last. heres a good reason not to skip meals . To hell with the deadlines. Go for £$R£$ lunch. after breakfast,lunch,tea,snacks and dinner are the most important meals of the day. then popin an aspirin to get you through this day and to the next one.

Electric switches, are used to turn on lights fans .. so on. In my house , when i put on the switch, all the light go off. (usually for a day..)

I was a regular at Cafe Coffee day. My friend D cannot survive without her daily dose of cappuchino (hope i spelt it right..) And A , or Madam A as we call here loovoes chocolate cake. Now it just so happens that A & D are roomies. So thats a good way to keep both of em happy eh? Cappuchino et Chocolate cake…..

Hmm. i will miss the sips of coffee and the tiny fragments of cake…..

now on to hell…

Welcome to trivandrum. sorry, welcome back to trivandrum. This is like the indian who got an excellent job abroad and posted back at home. whaatever.

Stay tuned fot Life in tvm.