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In loving memory of…

April 24, 2005

There's a good reason for this un-natural silence from my side.

Blindfolded… Dad /Chapter 2

"Welcome to the real world…"
It takes more than the usual dose of reality to wake me from my usual 'perfect world'.
Although, that's how I prefer it, looking at the world through rose coloured glasses is how most of us get on with our daily lives…

It came as a shock to me the night KD called up and explained his sudden itinerary. I'm sad to say a strange sense of dé·jà vu came over me (Tvm, 2000) and I feared the worst. Nevertheless, I assured him that everything would be alright.

In a way,
life is short, so make use of every moment you get,
to remind someone how much they mean to you,
to tell someone how you feel,
rather than wait till its too late and ask yourself,
"What if…?"


Superpowers at War – Part 1

April 14, 2005

DeeDee News:
moments ago…
IntelligentMAN has unleashed upon the earth a series of 'evil dual core processors' in a monopolistic move to take over the minds of innocent PC users all over the world. IntelligentMAN who had been in hiding after his commanding officers
(Chips-that-must-not-be-named) PentiumMAN, PentiumMMXMAN, Pentium2MAN, Pentium3MAN and of course, Pentium4MAN were banished from earth by the hero AMD AthlonXPMAN. In a battle that lasted 7 semesters, every last supporter of the evil wizard Pentium and his MMX technology were driven away, finally freeing the people of Townsville.

Peace has reigned for 4 years , and with the resurfacing of IntelligentMAN, the world is once again in peril !
When asked to comment on this, IntelligentMAN said : two heads are better than one, so now i'll use my "Indian Society image" (ISI) mark to make people believe that anyone who does not buy an evil dual core processor from me (for 3 times the cost… ) is the doomed ! Never again will they be able to show thier faces in public , without "intelligent Inside" technology sticker on their PC's… muahahahaha

AMD ActivityMAN replied: IntelligentMAN seems to have used a brain scattering ray on the general public. If you see the popularity meter, it seems that people are hailing him as a champion, and the innocent public are flocking to buy his evil processors. Little do they know that its just a marketing gimmic and fancy packaging with all the hi-funda words like hyperthreading,1 MB cache and net-burst architecture that have the gullible public asking for more.

Also, after the if-it-aint-broken-dont-fix-it pearl harbor incident below (see the previous blog entry ) , i have almost fully recovered from my injuries. (which were mainly to my ego)

The superhero roadmap shows that IntelliegentMan's popularity in 'the elite circle' has been shooting up after the recent incident. AMD ActivityMAN fans, never fear.. for our hero will be back soon with another Master Plan to "take over the world" all from his Secret Laboratory….

Our hero AMD ActivityMAN is currently working on the high level design phase for a new Master plan to recapture the market share and properly utilize his 64-bit processing capabilities to overthrow the competition.

Many beleive that the source of the rivalry between the superheroes is to gain favour of the Goddess/heiress to the multi-billion dollar empire of my-croissoft technologies. My-croissoft technologies is the current software giant that controls the operation of the world as we know it.

Any business tie up between My-croissoft technologies and IntelligentMAN would cause the the world's economies to enter a downward spiral fuelled only by new releases of resource hogging versions of my-croissoft Windoors and successive evil-processors launched by IntelligentMAN.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Superpowers at War where AMD ActivityMAN strikes back…

If it aint broke , dont “Fix” it!

April 5, 2005

To the Congress of the Empire of Activity

Yesterday, April. 4, 2005 – a date which will live in infamy – the Empire of Activity
was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the forces of the US.

The Empire was at peace with that nation and… was still in conversation with the government and its emperor looking toward the maintenance of peace in the Pacific.

Indeed, one hour after US air squadrons had commenced bombing in Activity, the ambassador to the empire and his colleagues delivered to the Emperor a formal reply to a recent 'american style' message. While this reply stated that it seemed useless to continue the existing diplomatic negotiations, it contained no threat or hint of war or armed attack.

It will be recorded that the distance of Activity from US Headquarters makes it obvious that the attack was deliberately planned many days or even weeks ago. During the intervening time, the US government has deliberately sought to deceive Activity by false statements and expressions of hope for continued peace.

The attack yesterday on the Activity has caused severe damage to Activity's forces. Luckily no lives have been lost. In addition, "lightning strikes" have been reported bringing down all communications and causing damage to millions of dollars of equipment.

… and the story goes on!

Well, thats the 'historical' way of putting the events of yester-week.

Putting it in simple english….

1. 'Twas the night before Tuesday, when all over the floor
Not a creature was stirring, not even a door;
The techies were asleep snoring through the night
when all of a sudden , lo the sky became bright!

Lightning struck everywhere , like a 1000w light
and circuits in smoke , all in plain sight!
People are silent, how can they call?
No more telephones, extensions and all….

2. Infy loses out to Deloitte on a Billion dollar tie up with Accenture 😉
pun intended… (The inspiration for the title)
Warning: All characters portrayed are completely fictional and any similarity to real places/people living or dead is unintended and purely coincidental. he he he

Some Matches are made in heaven, but Match Fixing happens only on earth …
(sorry, i couldnt resist that one! stabbing cricket in the back 😉 )

i.e. If it isn't broken, find something that is, and fix it.

with excerpts from magnetron,IfItAintBrokeDontFixIt and FDR's speech!

I’ve still got IT

April 3, 2005

I just remembered how much fun my college days were…

i.e. the days that i spent 'away from college' participating in arts and technical festivals in and around kerala. As soon as we saw a poster with the words "Prize money" and sufficient zeroes after the leading digit, we (me,nithin,atholi,… ) would go zooming off in that direction like bounty hunters.

I'm famous out of college, and infamous in college.

I went for a Technocrats quiz yesterday organized as a part of Ingenio '05. The event was a bit of a letdown and a drag. (like most college events conducted on the same day as a Cricket match/GATE exam??) .

10:00 am. Reach the venue (kerala university )
Not a banner or a 'well dressed' soul in sight. I started to have second thoughts (as in — Where the hell am I?) .
10:15 am. My partner Anoop (in leiu of Tall/bald guy) arrives , equally surprised.
10:17 am. Proceed to a seemingly empty hall…. "Senate Hall"
10:20 am. Greeted by pretty ladies , and instructed to kindly take a seat.
10:30 am. "Sorry for the delay, the events will start by 11:00".
11:30 am. "Sorry for the delay, the events will start after the seminar".
I ask, "when is the seminar?"
"Sir, it will start shortly, i should be about an hour long, but will finish in 40-45
11:55 am We go for a walk , look at second hand books and make a beeline for LUNCH
12:10 pm Order Chicken Biriyani and Chappathi/Chicken fry
12:12 pm Receive a frantic call asking us to "Sir, Please report backstage immediately"
12:13 pm Quickly tell the waiter to cancel the otherwise mouthwatering order
12:14 pm Rush out of the restaurant and head back to the venue.
12:15 pm Back (on) stage
12:30 pm A surprise quizmaster to conduct the quiz….
— the surprise is that the person who was supposed to conduct the quiz is 'missing in
action' ?
12:40 pm four teams take part in a quiz meant for 6 teams.
— Infy-r-us 😉 , US sw, IBS, M2
The powerpoint presentation for the quiz has got 6 questions per round , but there are only 4 teams! The quizmaster remains unfazed. He conducts the quiz like a 5th grade teacher teaching the students.
12:45 pm 2 rounds later, we are still at duck, and the other teams have scored some points. Our most popular answer was "pass"
1:05 pm We pick some points here and there 15 to be exact.
1:15 pm We pick up close to 40 points in the last two rounds….
1:20 pm We walk away with the grand prize…
–just a gift wrapped "kathahali" head. but a prize nonetheless
1:25 pm all the teams still gaping in disbeleif. ( so are we… )
1:35 pm Go back to the same restaurant and continue from where we were so
'rudely interrupted'…
2:15 pm We have contented looks on our faces after lunch
2:45 pm return home, carry on with normal day..

end of story for now…
The author wishes to indicate that the quiz seems to have benefitted us in no way, but served as an entertaining event for the assembled crowd? Also , where is the proof that we participated and/or won?

Aaah… Welcome to the wonderful world of organizing an event. Apparently, you didn't think of everything did you?