I’ve still got IT

I just remembered how much fun my college days were…

i.e. the days that i spent 'away from college' participating in arts and technical festivals in and around kerala. As soon as we saw a poster with the words "Prize money" and sufficient zeroes after the leading digit, we (me,nithin,atholi,… ) would go zooming off in that direction like bounty hunters.

I'm famous out of college, and infamous in college.

I went for a Technocrats quiz yesterday organized as a part of Ingenio '05. The event was a bit of a letdown and a drag. (like most college events conducted on the same day as a Cricket match/GATE exam??) .

10:00 am. Reach the venue (kerala university )
Not a banner or a 'well dressed' soul in sight. I started to have second thoughts (as in — Where the hell am I?) .
10:15 am. My partner Anoop (in leiu of Tall/bald guy) arrives , equally surprised.
10:17 am. Proceed to a seemingly empty hall…. "Senate Hall"
10:20 am. Greeted by pretty ladies , and instructed to kindly take a seat.
10:30 am. "Sorry for the delay, the events will start by 11:00".
11:30 am. "Sorry for the delay, the events will start after the seminar".
I ask, "when is the seminar?"
"Sir, it will start shortly, i should be about an hour long, but will finish in 40-45
11:55 am We go for a walk , look at second hand books and make a beeline for LUNCH
12:10 pm Order Chicken Biriyani and Chappathi/Chicken fry
12:12 pm Receive a frantic call asking us to "Sir, Please report backstage immediately"
12:13 pm Quickly tell the waiter to cancel the otherwise mouthwatering order
12:14 pm Rush out of the restaurant and head back to the venue.
12:15 pm Back (on) stage
12:30 pm A surprise quizmaster to conduct the quiz….
— the surprise is that the person who was supposed to conduct the quiz is 'missing in
action' ?
12:40 pm four teams take part in a quiz meant for 6 teams.
— Infy-r-us 😉 , US sw, IBS, M2
The powerpoint presentation for the quiz has got 6 questions per round , but there are only 4 teams! The quizmaster remains unfazed. He conducts the quiz like a 5th grade teacher teaching the students.
12:45 pm 2 rounds later, we are still at duck, and the other teams have scored some points. Our most popular answer was "pass"
1:05 pm We pick some points here and there 15 to be exact.
1:15 pm We pick up close to 40 points in the last two rounds….
1:20 pm We walk away with the grand prize…
–just a gift wrapped "kathahali" head. but a prize nonetheless
1:25 pm all the teams still gaping in disbeleif. ( so are we… )
1:35 pm Go back to the same restaurant and continue from where we were so
'rudely interrupted'…
2:15 pm We have contented looks on our faces after lunch
2:45 pm return home, carry on with normal day..

end of story for now…
The author wishes to indicate that the quiz seems to have benefitted us in no way, but served as an entertaining event for the assembled crowd? Also , where is the proof that we participated and/or won?

Aaah… Welcome to the wonderful world of organizing an event. Apparently, you didn't think of everything did you?


2 Responses to “I’ve still got IT”

  1. M a D a N Says:

    This is what we say winning a ‘head-to-head’competition…You got a head

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