Superpowers at War – Part 1

DeeDee News:
moments ago…
IntelligentMAN has unleashed upon the earth a series of 'evil dual core processors' in a monopolistic move to take over the minds of innocent PC users all over the world. IntelligentMAN who had been in hiding after his commanding officers
(Chips-that-must-not-be-named) PentiumMAN, PentiumMMXMAN, Pentium2MAN, Pentium3MAN and of course, Pentium4MAN were banished from earth by the hero AMD AthlonXPMAN. In a battle that lasted 7 semesters, every last supporter of the evil wizard Pentium and his MMX technology were driven away, finally freeing the people of Townsville.

Peace has reigned for 4 years , and with the resurfacing of IntelligentMAN, the world is once again in peril !
When asked to comment on this, IntelligentMAN said : two heads are better than one, so now i'll use my "Indian Society image" (ISI) mark to make people believe that anyone who does not buy an evil dual core processor from me (for 3 times the cost… ) is the doomed ! Never again will they be able to show thier faces in public , without "intelligent Inside" technology sticker on their PC's… muahahahaha

AMD ActivityMAN replied: IntelligentMAN seems to have used a brain scattering ray on the general public. If you see the popularity meter, it seems that people are hailing him as a champion, and the innocent public are flocking to buy his evil processors. Little do they know that its just a marketing gimmic and fancy packaging with all the hi-funda words like hyperthreading,1 MB cache and net-burst architecture that have the gullible public asking for more.

Also, after the if-it-aint-broken-dont-fix-it pearl harbor incident below (see the previous blog entry ) , i have almost fully recovered from my injuries. (which were mainly to my ego)

The superhero roadmap shows that IntelliegentMan's popularity in 'the elite circle' has been shooting up after the recent incident. AMD ActivityMAN fans, never fear.. for our hero will be back soon with another Master Plan to "take over the world" all from his Secret Laboratory….

Our hero AMD ActivityMAN is currently working on the high level design phase for a new Master plan to recapture the market share and properly utilize his 64-bit processing capabilities to overthrow the competition.

Many beleive that the source of the rivalry between the superheroes is to gain favour of the Goddess/heiress to the multi-billion dollar empire of my-croissoft technologies. My-croissoft technologies is the current software giant that controls the operation of the world as we know it.

Any business tie up between My-croissoft technologies and IntelligentMAN would cause the the world's economies to enter a downward spiral fuelled only by new releases of resource hogging versions of my-croissoft Windoors and successive evil-processors launched by IntelligentMAN.

Stay tuned for the next edition of Superpowers at War where AMD ActivityMAN strikes back…


One Response to “Superpowers at War – Part 1”

  1. Amit Says:

    Hey…Good writing!! lmao!…I’ve added you to my probs right?

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