In loving memory of…

There's a good reason for this un-natural silence from my side.

Blindfolded… Dad /Chapter 2

"Welcome to the real world…"
It takes more than the usual dose of reality to wake me from my usual 'perfect world'.
Although, that's how I prefer it, looking at the world through rose coloured glasses is how most of us get on with our daily lives…

It came as a shock to me the night KD called up and explained his sudden itinerary. I'm sad to say a strange sense of dé·jà vu came over me (Tvm, 2000) and I feared the worst. Nevertheless, I assured him that everything would be alright.

In a way,
life is short, so make use of every moment you get,
to remind someone how much they mean to you,
to tell someone how you feel,
rather than wait till its too late and ask yourself,
"What if…?"


One Response to “In loving memory of…”

  1. kd Says:

    I dont know what to write.. but your voice and your words have helped me sail through this crisis.. So you are, always one of the people I will turn to when I need someone. But I know you will know when I need a friend before I tell you.

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