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Death by Reverse KT!

June 27, 2005

TTA, 08:49 A.M. IST

There's a time and a place for everything,
this is neither…

TTA, 19:01 P.M. IST , 02-July-05

Captains log , stardate 020605,
The enterprise was caught unaware by a cloaked Klingon (cling on) vessel and locked in its tractor beam. The key crewmembers have been taken hostage. It seems the Klingon high command developed a new kind of bio-weapon, that can penetrate our force fields.

The crew was subjected to a cruel and inhuman punishment known as Reverse-Klingon-Theologies ( Reverse KT for short… ) . This form of punishment, very popular on the Kilngon home planet seems to be some form of entertaintment for them . We were made to endure the happenings through obfuscated fables of systems and services beyond all possible and plausible logic.

ob·fus·cate (ŏb'fə-skāt', ŏb-fŭs'kāt') pronunciation
To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand

The second part of the torture involved full reconstruction of the illogical events that were carried out in the previous sessions along with intense exposure to radiations from a XGA resolution laser . We were mentally and physically drained after the exposure to the XGA radiation.

Two crew members were too weak to continue with the intense gruel of the Reverse-KT and dropped out in its early stages. ( They are recovering well in the ICE – Intensive care environment )

We are slowly becoming immune to these tactics and have developed a Counter measure – Codename 'Confusion'

Confusion – Confusion through infusion of ideas beyond resolution of diffusion.

Our initial attempts at 'Confusion' were successful , we managed to resist the torture and escaped unscathed. We are working on a plan to overthrow the Klingon empire and put an end to the inhuman activities performed on the planet!

Long live the Confusion … err revolution!