back to the drawing room?

Drawing Room?

Drawing Board + Boardroom … its all the same to me.


technically, i am back to the drawing room , see this

Anyways, Best wishes to mmmm… & ro·gue (rō-jē) pronunciation
I was pretty tied up with a worldwide conference and of course, the mission ,deep deep undercover ( G15 Classified ) . All I can say is that a lot of money went up in smoke and I now have access to some deadly pixel-punching hardware that can cause destruction at medium/high detail.


3 Responses to “back to the drawing room?”

  1. silverine Says:


    Came here via Kerala Blog Roll.Care to share what this ‘pixel-punching hardware’ is ? :))

  2. Activity Says:

    that would be the ‘XFX GeForce 6600’ …

  3. abhilash vinayak Says:

    this is for a tech head. i am one for name sake. and the only thing which struck me was G15.but what else did u say?

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