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ROTY anyone?

September 1, 2005

Stardate 090405 2018 hrs, We have received official word that the Ms Vista is now out of reach of the enterprise. We are in the process evacuating the area and are proceeding to new frontiers.

i.e. Vista 64!! note : contrary to popular assumptions, the two are in no way connected…

Right, now like i said earlier, back to the drawing room. There have been some strange happenings at the workplace , with people referring to me as 'Rookie' . I have noticed this behaviour change over the last 3 days. Hmm, it must have been something they ate?

Also, i find this strange plate sitting on top of my machine at wrk. Seems like some space age material. Amazingly, it can collect fingerprints of people who approach it. I collected 20 the other day! It must be the shiny light reflecting surface that draws in visitors from far and wide.

Yaanyway, this is Rookie of the year (ROTY) signing off. Do forgive me if you see any stray '€' or '$' characters, since these two keys are placed above the arrow keys on the lappy keyboard.

Disclaimer: this ROTY bears no resemblance to other ROTY's living or dead in other IBUs across the company. Any resemblance is purely co-incidental and entirely unintentional.