Air Deccan – Simplifly*

* conditions apply.

i.e. Simply fly(or … walk,run,hitch a ride) to the nearest metro to catch one of our flights.

Low cost flying. The dream of every Indian. Deccan , Spice , Kingfisher are all well known names by now. But come to kerala , the only well known name you are likely to hear is KSRTC,Kallada,KPN!

Is there anything fundamentally wrong with the Air Deccan hoarding saying "Now everyone can fly…" popping out behind a petrol pump in Trivandrum?

Technically, no. Well, theres nothing wrong in a bit of advertising now is there? I'm bugged. No reason, maybe because AIR DECCAN DOES NOT OPERATE IN TRIVANDRUM!

Why the hell do you put up a billboard in trivandrum with a silly plane sticking out, if you want people to travel by road,rail,sea,bus,bullock cart,auto rickshaw … to Chennai,Bangalore to catch the darn flight?

Assuming one manages to purchase a ticket for the so called amount – the magic Rs. 500 (+taxes extra) , why spend an additional 1500 to get to the airport! Wheres the fun in that? People agree that AIR DECCAN is a saviour , and AIR DECCAN this, AIR DECCAN that, but AIR DECCAN will remain a DAKKAN till they start flying to Gods Own Country. I beleive GOD still relies on Volvo buses to reach Bangalore to catch his/her AIR DECCAN flights to other cities.

Remember the Master card ad on tv…

Gift for dad: Rs. 250
Family Photo: Rs. 150
Flexi recharge: Rs 50
Air Deccan ticket to Delhi :Rs 500
Travel to Bangalore to catch AIR DECCAN flight to delhi: Priceless!

Priceless? Well, considering the time one spends travelling to catch the flight is countless hours longer than the actual flight, it would turn out to be priceless. Although , some people do think highly of the service,this remains to be seen…
I had countless options plannend out for a Trivandrum – Delhi trip!
Low cost airline to delhi, Train,Bus,Costly airline to Bangalore to catch the low cost airline to delhi.

In the end, a whole lot of time and money wasted…

SPICE, Kingfisher, Deccan, get here fast!


8 Responses to “Air Deccan – Simplifly*”

  1. kd Says:

    A case of sour grapes indeed.

    They are comming to TVM.. and soon. Now they are generating interest my dear. It is called marketing. And they already operate from cochin..

    And Kingfisher has been operating from cochin for over a month.. 7333 is their lowest fare.

  2. kd Says:

    and check this out

    who wants to land in TVM anyway 😀

  3. Activity Says:


    Cochin -> Chennai
    Cochin -> Bangalore

    How does that make any sense?

    To go to delhi, you have to travel to cochin, then travel to bangalore/chennai and then catch another flight…

  4. eldo Says:

    Why you are so bothered in travelling to Delhi…….Is your father in law there…….???

    Cant you sit quite somewhere in TVM…….

    To addup….Cochin will be the next metro city…in India and I would like to ask you, Why the so called DAKKAN would prefer to land in TVM…. what so special about the place…….

  5. kd Says:

    one small mistake Thoma.. To travel to delhi you have to goto cochin.. pinne to Nedumbassery via Aluva, Only then you reach the airport.. And not that TVM airport is in the city or anything, It is so far from TVM that I think it is easier to goto the airport from Kollam instead 😀

    Eldo.. it is not his father in law in delhi, it is his father…so please forgive him for wanting to go to delhi.

  6. David Anush Says:

    As long as Air Deccan doesnt have a familiar voice that says

    “LADEEES and GENTLEMEN, Pleeease fasten your seatbelts.” before everyone starts screaming AAAAAAAAAAAH and the plane crashes…

    Doesnt strike a familiar chord? CAMEL– does that ring a bell?

  7. Ekm_resi Says:

    Chumma kidannu chalakkathe Culex city ullavan maare. Cochin was a forest, now a drainage & Mosquito jungle, with our Poltical achayyan marukku oru kalisthalam. People cannot be bad as those in EKM. People in TVM dont care a damn about you ; dogs keeps on barking @ the Sun.
    bark , bark, bark…

  8. ashwani kumar Says:

    where is air deccan office in lucknow India

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