Yes. its true. For those of you who have heard of it, the buzzword is 'Social Browsing'.

A little about . It's a brilliant service that lets you save your bookmarks and let you continue from where you left off later. Browsing happens in sessions. Rightly said, I think its a brilliant idea. The only problem being, saving a bookmark is not enough. The mind wanders and meanders and different ideas catch its fancy at different times. If it was possible to save ones memory and resume from where they left off?

All in all, I'm a social browser. This would have something to do with delicacies round the city. Ahhhh, beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. I must say i did enjoy being amongst 500 others @home, but being 1 in 10,000 is quite something else. Sure its a much wider audience, and theres bound to be a lot more people to meet, but walking up to someone with a 'Helloooo….' , I would possibly end up with a ….ooooW!!

The dressing sense is a lot easier on the eyes ( as confirmed by an opthamologist!! ) , and for some mundane reason , after my latest med-checkup ( during which it was confirmed that I am mentally absent and phsically present) another i-doc advised me to marry someone without glasses.

So dear bangaloreans, pay no attention to my furtive glances … ( i blame it on eyestrain!!!! ) , and of course, i'm just looking for a pretty young lass without glasses !

Rx: Marry someone without glasses.

Now who said anything about marriage? Like i said, im just a harmless social browser! So do flock around! A little flirting around never hurt anyone , besides, its good for the ego. Ahh, the colours, the designs, the presentation, the cuisine! mmmmmmmm….

Till then, Eyeeees Front!

Advice for the day: quoting Jerry Seinfeld (though not entirely in context) – looking at cleavage is like looking at the Sun!! You dont stare at it! You get a sense and then you look away!!!


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