The case of the Bad S*******

There are two kinds of S******. Good S****** and bad S****** . Now noobody wants to be stuck with the bad S******.

T'was the yeat 2003, and all throughout the campus
everyone was stirring, making a rumpus

stalls were set up,displaying their wares
some were crowded some were bare

computer makers tried their best
to capture our attention, and convince the rest

One soul in particular seemed to be drawn,
into the web of mystery, that AMD hath spawn

all his ideas, fantasies and rest
were driven to the ground by a friend, his best

Dont buy AMD, he said with a smirk,
they are made with bad silicon, or so i've heard….

I happened to be an unfortunate bystander at CUSAT for an IT Fest during which this incident took place…. ! Being an avid AMD supporter , i knew that people were only drawn to intel b'cos of its marketing gimmicks. True the pentium was a great microprocessor. But thats not true for Pentium the 4th.

Some of the other DBA (Dont buy AMD) humour that i have had to put up with…
1. Dont buy AMD, i've heard it gets very hot!!!
2. Dont buy AMD, i've heard the processor becomes slower after some use
3. Dont buy AMD, the semiconductor used it of lower quality.
4. Dont buy AMD, they need an extra fan to work

And finally, the one that takes the cake… Dell's response on why it wasn't selling AMD based PC's: Dell is constantly evaluating new technologies and at the present time, we don't have AMD processor-based systems in our portfolio

(In english, it goes something like this….)
We didn't think that AMD would kick Intel/our butts so hard. We are really sorry for not opening our eyes and realizing that AMD rules. We are really sorry, and will stop using Intel.

Hmmm. Now all that remains is the worm in the Apple. Apples are going to feature Intel's inside Talk about misled intentions? Well, Steve Jobs was kicked out of his company once. Who's to say it wont happen again! Stevee.. Are you listening. Go with the flow man.

This reminds me of the F*** man , i.e. A*** from Shaajah! (Spelling is intentional). After educating him on the Intel/AMD scene and showing him some benchmarks of the AthlonXP kicking the P4's ass, he went out and did the only logical thing. i.e. He bought a P4.

The story continues 🙂 , cries/screaming could be heard from his house, when his Pentium Generation 4, would crash royally on opening Winamp , and he the best he could play was Road Rash!

If i remember correctly, isn't it the global giant Intel that once made a processor ( the pentium ) that would show 4/2 = 1.99…. 🙂

In my closing arguments, i would like to nail the lid shut on intels dominance of the Desktop processing world . Do take the time to go through this article!!!

Yes folks. For intel, the end is near…..


One Response to “The case of the Bad S*******”

  1. kd Says:

    Location: College Cafeteria

    Me explaining to my friends that I am going to assemble my Athlon system soon.

    Me paying bill.. Pretty girl comes along and says hi I heard you are planning to buy a computer.

    Me: Yes..

    Girl ; I have a dealership.. try it out.

    Me: Do you have Athlon 64?

    Girl: Why do you want AMD processor? I will tell you one thing, AMD is a Bad processor.

    I am stung by her sincerety and dumbness.. and her beauty did not make me buy INtel.. See that is what AMD does to you. It is above hormonal control.. ;)–>

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