meta morph osis?


It all starts with this. It's inevitable. Its what drives us humble caterpillars out of our skins (literally) and drives us to perform more than what we thought we could. And to who do we owe this great honour of being the driving force? The fairer sex of course!

Take the case of this poor humble cat(rpillr) who was sitting at home one night minding his own business, when he gets an im… from a seemingly innocent stranger.
(This seemingly innocent stranger happens to be high on banned substances on a dieters list…)

>> do you or do you not happen to know a mr . X
> so you claim to know this mr. X and do not deny that you don't know him…
> right. and what do you knw about metamorphosis?
> and in your confession of knowing this mr. X, do you deny not knowing him well enough to be responsible for his actions?
> So… our reports say, that this mr. X who you seem to know so well was involved in the staging of a corporate shenanigan , a meta morphosis of sort. Would you have any part to play in it ?
> So… u didn't do anything to stop it , did you?
> And you certainly weren't a part of it, now were you?
> Yes , Yes, im sure you were. Well , its because, this boat of mine, a B-yatch, was very adamant on proving to me that this corporate event was a grand slam when i came to the fashion scene.
> aha. So you dont deny having a part to play in the shenanigan. Mind you, i'l have that pesky B-yatch hunt you down so fast that .. that ….! That pesky B-yatch is always trespassing into international waters without a permit. Even our repeated warnings from the coast guard have not dissuaded they pesky B-yatch from keeping its nose out of other peoples business.
> ::shreiks:: how the f*** did you know that the p€$ky B-Yatch was from there ?Answer me ! now!
>> i think its better you answer, the B-Yatch is trying to bite off my ear lobes!
> aha.. so u checking out the mallu profiles eh?
> what ! why you objectivist! I object your honour. object oriented programming my foot. How dare you. Treating me like this….
> hmmmph. Men
> higher pitch hmmmph
>> even higher pitch hmmmph. Men
> Hmmmm. Objection overruled.
> So you dont deny that these so called 'objects' are moderately attractive?
> No… not in our case.. here we get dressed up to attract other female cats. You see, we are plebians..
> eggzactly!

court recorder please note, the inhabitants of that institution are dressing up for their own courtship/courtmarshall rituals and are not to be confused with normal social aspects of life.

By now the B-yatch toots its horn pleading to be left out of the converstation.

Yes, now where was I . Oh yes metamorphosis. The changes that take place in every caterpillars life, to attract one of the same/opposite sex 😉 . Knowing that there are lady caterpillars at home driving them nuts with their three phrase limited vocabularies and badgering them on how they knew they were from kottayam , it doesn't surprise me that the usual eat+drink+watch tv+sleep couch potato caterpillar struggles,sprouts wings and leaves the headache at home!!!!

In a way, we are all driven by that badgering B-yatch thats constantly tooting its horns pushing us to excel ( and rake in more money in the bargain… ) .

Come to think of it, where would we be if not for them? Eating mulberry leaves, sipping nectar and relaxing in from of the tube… till we were 50….

Naah. This Cat is flight ready…. Like they say. The butterflies are always greener on the other side.

~ muahahahah!

P.s. Thanks a lot to the devil and the boat ( B-Yatch ) for an interesting discussion…


4 Responses to “meta morph osis?”

  1. nishita Says:

    u’ve nicknamed me ‘devil’?

  2. kd Says:

    I am slow and dumb and cant make sense out of a normal conversation. how do i figure out a blog this complicated?

    My head is still spinning.

  3. Merryn Says:

    wel…normally i shld hav started off wid da limited 3 phrase vocabulary …B-yatch…figured it out b4 nishi cld tel me…impressive twist of wrds i must say…frm b!T(H to the common mispronunciation of yatch…clever….dint kno whether i shld b offended or impressed…anyways really liked the way u rite…*hate giving compliments to men who treat us like mere objects* …lol…as for the vocabulary… duh…wtf do u think of this B-yatch huh??…lol…anyways ill definitely b talkin to u again…yup…that IS a threat…
    bye 4 now..

  4. kd Says:

    Happy holidays/new year etc

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