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The lady and the tramp…

January 19, 2006

'twas an ordinary day…
mani rushed out of his house to catch the last bus to work with his certificates and certifications in hand.

getting into the bus he proceeded to his usual seat, and started to read up on 21st century employee manual, 'Dilbert and the Joy of Work' . He looked up and noticed the lady sitting in the seat across from him. She seemed to be totally engrossed , or in a trance of some sort. ( The trance will later be revealed as Radio Mirchi on a nokia 2300 … ) Our hero, ( the tramp ) smirks and chortles at the witty humour of Scott Adams, while surveying the wondrous surroundings every once in a while.

… In the challengers corner, weighing ??? pounds, listening to radio mirchi 91 FM , bathed in sunlight and glory, and looking absolutely wonderflous,presenting 'the lady' .
And in this corner, weighing way too many pounds, reading intellectually humourous literature, surveying the wonderous surroundings, presenting… 'The Tramp…' .

Round 1: Ding…
The lady pulls a fast one and dozes off to slumber land… The tramp is left looking at the silhoutte of the sunlit 'whites whiter, colours brighter' lady in earphones… who every now and then opens her eyes for a quick look around, and then re enters her state of musical meditation.

Round 2: Ding…
The tramp is gently interrupted from his intellectual reading by what seems to be actual conversation! The lady mumbles out a few words, and the tramp looks up… The lady Spoke!! The lady spoke!! …. Only to understand her frantic mumblings indicate something like ' .. please .. move ..your .. bag… ow…. my .. feet … ' . Non plussed, the tramp proceeds to remove the bag, only happy to be of service…

Round 3: Ding..
The lady re enters her state of meditation, and the tramp notices what they call – true inner peace ,also expressed as 'zzz zzz zzz ' … After one quick glance at the scenery, that tramp too proceeds into suspend, only to awaken at the turn to the workplace , where he sees the lady, open her eyes , awakened by the bus crossing over the last bump in the road….

The lady and the tramp part ways…
Who knows? they might meet again next week??

~tramp 🙂


(s)nazi camp!

January 15, 2006

mani was on his way back from work, on friday the 13th. it was a normal day. started normally, went on normally, and sucked just as much….

mani is quickly whisked onto the back of a waiting motorcycle, and carted off to what he knew to be a snazi camp…. but he was not worried. for he had with him, the PSP and the secret weapon – the GKI Offensive-XX !

After travelling miles more in the wrong direction, in search of ramamurthynagar platform 9.75 near the railway bridge, we travelled to kr nagar and saw the spectacular sight of the diesel loco shed.

immediately, shifting the discovery dtsi into -1 gear, we were carted off in the reverse direction seeking the so called platform 9.75 and looked onward for the Efemsee.

The Efemsee is a secret undercover lab run by some people where secret conferences are conducted under high levels of secrecy.

The Efemsee features:
* Fooz ball
* Badminton
* Table tennis
* Internet access
* Photon based thermal generators
* nourishment cabinets
* confidential rooms
* clean rooms…
and so on…

any way, the activities at the (s)nazi camp, the Efemsee, was titled,
The ultra super secret society meeting of the systematic extraordinary ladies and gentlemen.
i.e. the U.S.S. SMOTELAG

the meeting involved a lot of chanting, eating, sleeping, brainstorming, witnessing, dumb charading, and a special event for the WCDA – World Coffee Drinkers Association, a coffee drinking session at an undisclosed location…..

mani faced his opponent, darth vader, and battled to the finish in ba-dmin-ton and tablatannis, but was defeated in his attempts to overthrow the black suited man.

Our hero was made to stay in his cell along with the other inmates. A cell it was, for 20 inmates, but only 2 lay beside him. One proceeded to esc@PE the next day under the pretext of having to fix some automobiles in the capital.

thats where our hero meets fellow inmates…. err partners in crime. Namely, the Prince of Persia – Chucky , Girlwhosnamehecannot remember ( prema , sneha , … sneha i think 🙂 ) .. and fellow co-conspirators , a certain 'chachie' who is related to a the one who's name i cannot recall… ,

Somewhere along the line , he hears the familiar name of TJ mentioned. He listens closely. He asks, is it the TJ from CMC ? Ahh.. some kind of relative relatoin perhaps? Or maybe a relative of Cherrie from ABB?

Well.. they made us stand in a triangle and took photos of us :O !! The crazy veteran photographers!! What will they think of next?? Later , after several witnessing by a certain Sa?ia Mirza, the co conspirators proceed to split to oversee the embarkation of domestic officials, and to visit other important delegates of personal conferences…

48 hours later, our hero is released from the (s)nazi camp, after severe witnessing sessions , and 6 heavy meals, he tries to regain his composure…. Back home , our hero slowly regains composure and slowy proceeds to record the activities in the last 48 hours.

Hmm.. A (s)nazi camp for sure. I was a changed person. My wallet a lot lighter, me , a lot heavier, for sure.

mmm mani, mmm mani , mmmm mani.
No Chinta, even less mani. 🙂



January 1, 2006

#006, Hysteria lane seems strangely silent now, especially since our hero had to leave town so soon.

They were the best of times, they were the worst of times. #006, where our hero spent the last two months , sharing joys, sorrows, pizza's, cookies, and many more things. However, his sudden disappearance must have sparked supsicion with the neighbours, and left all of em plotting.

There were raised eyebrows ever since he moved in to #006, Hysteria lane. That house had a shady past, and an even shadier future. And not many noticed, that he had a visitor that came and went as he pleased. He didn't look like your typical manager, yet he had with him the signature imitation leather carrier, and a fat wallet ( stuffed with change… )

He fell in love with this place, the surroundings, the fresh air, and most of all , the pleasant atmosphere. He would never need to move again. Hysteria lane, wud be his dream come true.

What, me, worry? … Also the famous words of Alfred E. Neumann, of MAD magazine. Yes, this was the only thought flowing through his head. Well, not exactly. Due to reasons beyond his control, our hero was forced to flee from his castle, while all his neighbours were asleep, in the middle of the afternoon…

Rushing away in a spot taxi, he turned to look back at his dream house, for the last time, only to be stopped by St. Peter at the pearly gates. A minute later, after serializing his velocilaptop, he fled from the town , never to be seen again….


Legend: #006 not directly related to 2006, rather the house number in hysteria lane

Things that have changed from 12/31/2005 to 01/01/2006 ?
The psp appeared to have lost all the colour in life. Everything appeared in silver, a killer after the brilliantly bright red of last year
Our hero is now 12 miles farther from work than he actually was last year.
He is going to miss going to sleep at 3:00 a.m. , waking up at 9:30 a.m. , and trotting into office at 10:00 a.m. , and of course 3 hours of olympic style table tennis…
Our hero bid farewell to hysteria lane, and now he is the only desperate housewife around….
Never to be seen again, till monday morning, when he has to return to work!
~ tta.
ex #006, now in SF2