The lady and the tramp…

'twas an ordinary day…
mani rushed out of his house to catch the last bus to work with his certificates and certifications in hand.

getting into the bus he proceeded to his usual seat, and started to read up on 21st century employee manual, 'Dilbert and the Joy of Work' . He looked up and noticed the lady sitting in the seat across from him. She seemed to be totally engrossed , or in a trance of some sort. ( The trance will later be revealed as Radio Mirchi on a nokia 2300 … ) Our hero, ( the tramp ) smirks and chortles at the witty humour of Scott Adams, while surveying the wondrous surroundings every once in a while.

… In the challengers corner, weighing ??? pounds, listening to radio mirchi 91 FM , bathed in sunlight and glory, and looking absolutely wonderflous,presenting 'the lady' .
And in this corner, weighing way too many pounds, reading intellectually humourous literature, surveying the wonderous surroundings, presenting… 'The Tramp…' .

Round 1: Ding…
The lady pulls a fast one and dozes off to slumber land… The tramp is left looking at the silhoutte of the sunlit 'whites whiter, colours brighter' lady in earphones… who every now and then opens her eyes for a quick look around, and then re enters her state of musical meditation.

Round 2: Ding…
The tramp is gently interrupted from his intellectual reading by what seems to be actual conversation! The lady mumbles out a few words, and the tramp looks up… The lady Spoke!! The lady spoke!! …. Only to understand her frantic mumblings indicate something like ' .. please .. move ..your .. bag… ow…. my .. feet … ' . Non plussed, the tramp proceeds to remove the bag, only happy to be of service…

Round 3: Ding..
The lady re enters her state of meditation, and the tramp notices what they call – true inner peace ,also expressed as 'zzz zzz zzz ' … After one quick glance at the scenery, that tramp too proceeds into suspend, only to awaken at the turn to the workplace , where he sees the lady, open her eyes , awakened by the bus crossing over the last bump in the road….

The lady and the tramp part ways…
Who knows? they might meet again next week??

~tramp 🙂


2 Responses to “The lady and the tramp…”

  1. Neel Arurkar Says:

    Lol! Have been the tramp myself many a times 🙂

  2. Maya Cassis Says:

    funny tramp you are ….wil keep bulldozing in for few laughs

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