of Lap tops and we men

status update for the 2nd tuesday of february…
no mani , no honey …

our hero continues to roam the streets of the city, with one eye on the road, and the other eye on the scenery , pondering about sweet (pizza hut) ~memoiries .

yes. its as simple as that. a unsuspecting person can get caught in the tangled web of a short treats, or a delicious pasta toppings in all flavours… our hero is a connoisieur of fine dines and wines , and enjoys dishing out attention just as much as they enjoy receiving it.

we men, celebrate a function known as international we mens day. now as i come to understand , these 24 hours are supposed to give we men superior powers , that allows them to rise up and take over the world…. but then thats only for the day. Whats all the fuss about those 24 hours you say? its the 24 hours you hear we men screaming about how its their day , and those who do not belong to we men should not intrude…

after all, they say, those who are not we men , own the other 364 * 24 hours of the year. whats with the empowering crap i say! the only thing needed for empowerment is a facial reaction that stretches a few muscles and goes ( ** smooooch ** ) …

…. well, the sound effects were just added for credibility … after all, as the saying goes,
for every ** smooch ** there comes an even harder ** slap ** …

yes … the word is smile … imagine walking down the road, surrounded by em pretties ( who by the way mani does not object to , or meet, or treat ! ) all smiling away to glory…. but they dont.

we men seldom smile. but the smile is something far more empowering that we men understand. we men dont need a day to feel powerful ! we men just need to smile !

The next time mani sees a pretty ( pretty == patient responsible endearing talented techie youth ) , he is probably going to invite her ( to buy him ) a cup of coffee πŸ™‚ …


whats the deal with we men in the work place or house place anyway ? (Seinfelding here)

we know them ,we work with them , every family is made up of them , we cant live without them ( well it seems that we cant live with them either ) …..

we cant live with em because, when you hear noises behind a closed door, its ho*** ******g going on , that involves the use of several foreign objects like a b***m and a m*p , or even a v****m c*****r !!! ( god ,i cant beleive i said that out in public! )

to all the saints out there giving a bad name to the "Dirty old men" , get a life , or better yet, get a wife πŸ™‚

on the subject anyway,

look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities,
forget about the worries and your wife(s)…..
looook for the bare accessories, they are mother natures recipies,
just forget about your worries and your wife(s) …


not to mention, we men aren't that bad when it comes to focussing thier optic nerves at a point for long intervals. it only seems erroneous when a we men is focussed at by a non we man.

for those who havent lived with we men, you are seriously missing out on something. and they talk about empowerment ?

the beauty of a lap top lies in the packaging… ,
and the best faces/fibs are the ones that are not made up…

~tta / frasier / seinfeld / mani …


3 Responses to “of Lap tops and we men”

  1. Phoenix Says:

    i still dont understand the “we men”obsession

  2. Activity Says:

    obsession… ? where???
    ~tta πŸ™‚

  3. Maya Cassis Says:

    someone likes Mowgli(jungle book);)–>

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