hijackers, redheads and low skirts

hijack … is the forcible robbery from, or seizure of, a vehicle in transit. One who hijacks is known as a hijacker.

(wikipedia..) either way, mani is well versed with the art of being hijacked. broadly classified into weekend and workend .

a weekend/workend hijack is the forcible capturing of ones ability to conciously make a decision that encompasses the scheduling of planned/unplanned activities in the near future. now the only thing worse than not having a plan, is, the hijacker ensuring (by powers beyond your own control) that you cannot have a plan.

the downside of a hijacking is that someone else now controls your every move… sounds mighty similar to a real hijacking doesnt it?

manijacking is the process of having to sacrifice ones financial independence in order to satisfy the debitary condition caused by the society having to console thier palate by alienating themselves from their base location….

manijacking can be spotted by watching for the fateful keywords "u~pe" … (pronounced as 'u–p-ay' ) …

Now. coming to the redheads? i have seen scores of hot redheads and (not black heads) dark haired beauties parading around flaunting themselves . These redheads walk around the house topless ( and bottomless ) taking control of whichever sector they please, and occasionally taking a bite out of me…. Damn those blasted redheads…

As for the low skirts… Mani was fortunate enough to attend the Medc .. the maicrosshoft hembedded thevelopers konference call in the workend hijack of april. On the last day, of the Medc india challenge,

"Microsoft Gives away Apache for the MEDC India challenge"

Well… i doubt if it will make much sense to most, but for those who do get the jist …. theres my point. Who saw it coming ? Yes , and the host mentioned about why ladies are not called gentle … as in gentlemen. Assume you fall asleep on a bus/train and due to an involuntary muscle spasm that causes a constriction in the fibres of your neck , god forbid, making your head tilt to one side, and possibly land on the shoulder of the pretty lass sitting next to you…

:: SLAP :: ( this was a unanimous response…. no choices needed, we are sure this is the end result…)

Now reverse the roles here… If by chance this pretty lass happens to fall asleep on the tramp… then (like the host said) , the gentle (tramp) man would most probably miss his stop (or for that matter, be as still as possible ) …

See.. Gentle man … 😀 .. Also, this gentle man happened to see some mighty fine legs walking down m g road… ( and they weren't on a chicken either!! )

In other unrelated news…. , can anyone tell me what the "Mis-interpreted magic words" are ? 🙂 Anyone … Anyone ?



2 Responses to “hijackers, redheads and low skirts”

  1. nish Says:

    ya those legs were on some chick.
    same difference.
    i do believe i made an incredibly sexist remark there!

  2. Activity Says:


    i beleive the roosters can have ‘mighty fine legs’ too … 🙂


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