the designer and the manager

prolog: a computer language

prologue: i hereby certify that this story is entirely fictional and did not happen to me as far as i am concerned since i have not been near a train for the past 5 months and am entirely not responsible for the outcome in any way though i am allowed to imply certain ideas that may be expressed using literary objects…

this is the actual flow of events between the designer, the manager and the damsel in distress…

designer and manager want to prove who is smarter. there is a pretty lady on top of the tower (top berth) protected by a vicious fire breathing dragon (her father). and there are 3 nights…

The night is young, the second a designer, the third a manager. The two nights try their best to woo the fair maiden.
The manager displays various insignia of his alma mater lineage trying to impress upon the probable number of zeroes in his imaginary paycheck and tries to divert her attention away from the zeroes in his head….

the designer, takes a direct jab at the manager , by upping the offer using his outlook on the guide to bringing in forex in the form of crisp green bills… the lady is trapped by the image of the $$ bundles and remains transfixed on our hero at the base of the castle.

The clock strikes one, and no one dares to move, fearing the wrath of the fire breathing dragon below…

After an hour, strange rumbles are heard in the shadowy depths of the bottom berth where the dragon snores away to glory. little does he know that the captive princess fiona is about to make here esc@pe …

the manager falls asleep for a moment and starts dreaming about his true love, his picture in the newspapers , tv interviews , fmae fortune… (after grabbing the top salary from his school). he is in a deep trance. while other people dream away zzzzzz's , our manager counts only the $$ jumping over the fence…

princess fiona climbs down from her tower and proceeds to the long and trodden pathway , leading to the streams of water that separate the indian side from the western side, looking back to see whether she is stuck with the night, or if lucky, a knight…

moments later, the knight at her summons is drawn closer, like a satellite out of orbit, spinning closer towards its impending destruction, and utter nirvana… the door to the west opens and closes and our hero shrek , and fiona are suddenly free from the culture police of the indian style across the narrow pathway…

and … giggety giggety giggety gooo! .. Well.. ok , may be not.. but there was something certainly entertaining going on there in the western hemisphere of the special train, with both shrek and fiona , discarding the fine manual and by their interpretation of keeping it simple stupid!!

the abridged version of the abridged version can be found at this location . Do pay this a visit as well…


p.s. shrek, fiona , the dragon lived happily , separately ever after. The whereabouts of the manager are unknown. Some say that he is still asleep on the 'special train', dreaming about his probable pay ….


4 Responses to “the designer and the manager”

  1. naan Says:

    Interesting… i assume you weren’t the manager..

  2. activity Says:

    good assumption….

    but i wasn’t the designer either.. check out the abridged version !!


  3. silverine Says:

    I liked both version ๐Ÿ™‚ A suggested ending for the story…”and later Shrek finds out that he is HIV negative and lived happily everafter” LOL

  4. activity Says:


    for a moment the negative confounded me….

    But imagine a world where two negatives made a positive ? ( screwed up.. isn’t it ? ) ๐Ÿ™‚

    welcome to wordpress!

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