WRT54G … wtf ?

The first tech post, and many more to come!

(continued from KEC General …)

Something that has been on my shopping list a long time! wrt54g

  • Whats WRT54G..
    This is a well endowed, full featured wireless router from Linksys…
    The WRT54G is a wireless router that supports 802.11b/g and integrates a 4 port 10/100 Mbps switch and a WAN port to connect to your Internet gateway/modem via an ethernet connection.
  • What is a wireless router?
    Well.. its a combination of a network switch and a wireless access point with some basic routing/firewall functionality…
  • What makes this WT.. WR.. thingy so special?
    God did not create all wireless routers equal. This WT.. WR.. thingy is no ordinary wireless router. The router firmware is based on linux components and hence the firmware is GPLed and is open source.
  • Open what? Your point being?
    Open Source. In other words, people can download the firmware source code and meddle / fiddle / tweak it as they please. And we get to use a fully hackable,modifiable device. (check out the Wifi planet link: … how you can turn a
    $60 router into a $600 router …
  • I want one too! Which one should i get?
    Look out for the WRT54G with serial number CDFAxxxx ( ver 4.0 ) or less. The CDFBxxxx version is based on VxWorks and has less ram / flash on board and cannot be used with the custom firmwares. Linksys has launched a special linux version WRT54GL for enthusiasts. This is based the WRT54G ver 4.xx series…

more on the WRT54G at:

Image source: linksys.com


7 Responses to “WRT54G … wtf ?”

  1. Rose Says:

    Dropping by ur blog as u instructed…

    Ooops.. I am purely a non-techie person… And i cannot relate to gadgets at all… Call me old-fashiond if u wish.. 🙂

    So dnt knw wat to comment except that i liked ur caption “i’ve learnt so much from my mistakes that i’m about to get a Phd” :p



  2. activity Says:

    🙂 only the first entry is written in simple techie english…
    all the other entries are in indecipherable codebase meant to tickle ones ribs… (when the eventually figure out what it means..)


  3. Rose Says:


    Beats me!!!! I give up…

    Ok ok dont give me that u-dumbo, u-shud-have-acted-in-Koi Mil Gaya-luk…

    Its just that different ppl’s minds are tuned differently…

    🙂 (~sheepish grin~)



  4. lash Says:

    are u gonna shut the other one down??? or will u handle the two simultaneously… i ask cosi am just worried abt the degree of nuisance that u gonna cause to blogosphere :)) dont grin pig.

  5. activity Says:

    hehe.. not planning to shutdown the otherone.. But planning to focus on this one.. !


  6. Andrew Emmett Says:

    I wonder if you are still using a wrt54g after all these years? Personally I still am and found the tomato and dd-wrt firmware to be perfect replacements for the standard linksys firmware. Especially the tomato recently, which is my favourite. Simple layout, yet very powerful.

    • Anonymous Says:

      Greetings Andrew.

      As a matter of fact , I am . Its been 4 long years with this beauty, and it has not let me down yet . Other than the USA-only 110V power supply , paired with a radio shack transformer, its been running smooth on DD-WRT ever since.

      although, i must admit, i never got STUN/…. working with VOIP on my E61.

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