Sierra Juliet… where art thou?

"We Have All The Time In The World" … did not escape from me, rather, the ending lines of the James Bond movie "On Her Majesty's Secret Service".Silver Juliet




Bond was married to Tracy (Teresa) for the shortest time. Yet, the loss of a loved one (fictional or not) caused us great grief. After all, every one knew Bond, and a friend of Bond was a friend,and a foe – a foe. Yet recent incidents sparked up a controvesy in my head. Does not knowing someone make their loss easier to bear? Apparenty not. The mention of a Sierra Juliet, who seems to have passed in the same way sparked a similar reaction. Why? Technically, I don't even know who Sierra Juliet is; but even if I did, I would respect her all the same. And in the end, that's all that matters.



It started with a black and white notice on a wall , and a familiar name. Then a flurry of mails, and finally a conclusion. Sierra Juliet does not roam around with mere mortals any more, but is now omnipresent. What do I know? Nothing! An active blogger, a beta tester, a Toastmaster, and much more I'm sure.

A `scion no less, but one who will not be forgotten.


3 Responses to “Sierra Juliet… where art thou?”

  1. Lahar Says:


    Sierra was a close friend… and I really mourn her loss. You can look at her blogs for more details…including the ‘Scion one.

  2. Activity Says:

    Yup.. been there .. done that..

    Also seen SJ on lot of infyLUG related mails :s …


  3. activity Says:


    An avid pilot as well..

    No wonder… That’s where Sierra and Juliet came from !!

    Tango Tango Alpha

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