Nokia Firmware updates…

Greetings weary traveller…

Nokia has released firmware updates for some Symbian S60/S40 phones. These updates can be downloaded from the Nokia UK Webpage @,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

The N80 has got the first FOTA upgrade ( Firmware over the air ). Check out for more info . This allows you to download the firmware onto the phone using GPRS / WLAN and install it directly.

The firmware updates are available for free download for the following phones.. the N70 / N72 , 6630 , 6680, 6681 , 6682 6131. —  The 6131 supports FOTA, ( since it is based on S60 V3 ). The other phones will have to be upgraded using a PC and a data cable.–

— A firmware upgrade on a phone usually has a bunch of fixes/upgrades to the software. So it’s usually a good thing to have the latest firmware…  If you plan to do this, make sure to plugin your phone to the wall charger, and close all running applications!



6 Responses to “Nokia Firmware updates…”

  1. Geroge Says:

    Hi, I have a Nokia 6260 and Im trying to update my firmware but in the nokia UK page doent dispays my phone. Will I be able to updated it? where can i find my firmware?

    thanks for your help!

  2. activity Says:

    Nokia has not released firmware updates for all its phones… You could contact a nokia care centre, and get them to update the phone with the latest firmware… !


  3. shahriar Says:

    i tried upgrade my n70 thrice this evening to 5.0616.2.0.3 to the latest. when it was abt to complete, it says “update failed”. i removed the batt n reset again the older version. can u tell me why?


  4. shanavas Says:

    please anybody have downloaded firmwares for n70 pls give me

  5. james Says:

    i upgraded my nokia 6630 phone last year and it failed upgading frimwear and it now wont turn on ive tryed holding down the bottons to format but didint work and when i usb in it to computer a press the power botton it say to install phone driver and modem drivers too and i install them and try turn phone on and nothing please help email me asap please i really need help i cand get a new phone this took me 5yers to save fore

  6. Kiko Says:

    how to upgrade firmware of 6260 ? please give me instruction thanks alot

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