This means you!

** BONUS ** !

So , planning to buy (or already own ) a flashy new Nokia N91 with/without 3G/WIFI ( on the N91 / N91-5 ) ?

Then , take my advice! Flash! Burn ! Update ! Don’t be left out in the crowd running an older firmware version. Don’t get caught with your pants down, keep up with the times.

For those of you asking the “Where do i get Nokia N91 firmware” or “how do i install Nokia Firmware” … Look no further ! Point your already populated address bars to,1522,,00.html?orig=/softwareupdate

And remember,

This means you*!

*= All N91 users running prehistoric firmware versions ! I laught at your misery! Update today and be saved! 🙂


2 Responses to “This means you!”

  1. kd Says:

    Hey I have moved to the address above.. mom is becoming net savvy enuf to ask my help when she had to comment on a blog..and she can google..

    I am screwed.. so shifting

  2. kd Says:

    I am running away from oversmart family….

    visit me at my new address above.. and update me of course..

    I have no phone and firmware to upgrade.:(

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