Hack a Thon, Hackathon!

Hear Ye, Hear ye,

Terrasoft, (maker of all things for the PowerPC) , maker of YDL 5.0 for the PS3
is conducting a hackathon.

Now contrary to popular assumption , this has nothing to do with gardening or any other outdoor sport. Check out http://www.hpc-consortium.net/events/hack-a-thon/intro.shtml for the low down on the event.

Any volunteers? Colorado or Bust.

(Sounds like i’m not gonna get either)

Anyway, Things i’d like to see on the Cell/PS3:

1. Optimised MM Codecs that will kick the Core2Duo’s a$$

2. Use the TOSLink for high speed data transfer between PS3’s

3. Connect 2 PS3’s in a SLI / Crossfire config

4. Power saving mode / multitasking

5. Custom firmwares ( like Slinky , my WRT54G! )

6. More love, More power, More flight simulators in my life!

7. A Bulletproof / scratch proof surface

8. Backlit USB ports. ( So we can see where the hell we are plugging in stuff..)

9. Mac OS X on the Cell.

10. A way to use a friggin laptop monitor as a display for the PS3 (in hi-def)

11. Cheaper friggin HDMI cables.

12. Shutting down the evil CBEC!

13. ….

Any inputs? Hmm.. Do i smell a platinum sponsor?


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