C*** Off!

Hairy Peter was not in his element. After all the strange things that kept happening to him, and people poking and prodding his scar all day, (that caused it to glow… ) . He was no ordinary wizard. He had cleared his third year magical certifications to become a Magical Specialist! (MS) . And now , he faced his biggest challenge ever….

The Boss.

Hairy Peter enters the chamber of no return , (~ roughly translated as ‘cube-icle’) . He looks around. It is as was mentioned in the scrolls. One shall be forever condemned to the windowless confines of hell, where there shall be space for 4, but shall be 6 or more, and where there are not enough network portals for everyone. Oh the horror. He looks around. He sees a vacant space in the chamber that will soon be converted into a torture device, where a newly enslaved wizard, or witch will be chained to and forced to document every minute of the day in TPS reports.

He shudders at the thought.

Later he sees the eye. The I of the sticker on all the transparent glass doors and walls that are placed strategically at eye level, so one sees it only after being ensnared in its captivating presence, and only after having bumped into it.

Behind the wall of I’s lies the Boss “who must not be harmed”. It is a well known fact to the class of wizards and witches that the bosses (Koopa/Voldermort/…) are immune to spells cast by novice magicians. (and also seem to elude the ecstacy caused by leg swinging in the posterior on certain special occasions) .

Hairy enters, with his wand drawn. The Boss stands up like agent smith, and says,’I’ve been expecting you, Mr. Anderson’ .

Hairy makes a quick gesture and casts Spell #456. of Sacred Spells and Sorceries, (SSS) , also found on page 1962 of Warren and Trump .

C*** Off! ****************************

Music from Andrew Lloyd webber:
A crash of drums, A flash of light,
my cow-workers flew out of sight,
those cow-wards faded into darkness,
I was left aloone….!
Narrator: Never before had such a curse spell been uttered by a third year magician.  The boss wizard reels in disgust, …

Nooo . ooo .oooo .oooo .oooo  ( while his head shakes “no” in slow motion )
For and example, refer here.

To be continued!


3 Responses to “C*** Off!”

  1. kd Says:

    Huh?.. Too confuing. Waiting for episode 2 however..

  2. TTA Says:

    Sounds like you haven’t worked in the industry long enough to know what a C*** off means !

    Ask naan ?

    But then , id doubt he’d know!

  3. Ashwin Kuruvilla Says:

    wel wel!!!! interestin… no resemblence or any connections to a certain work place! 🙂 if u have time cheq out my website … http://www.joblessnuts.com

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