Master Cards and Visa’s

If you’re a happy airline-traveler , clap your hands …
If you like cramped seats with no headrest, clap your hands …
If you like the force of takeoff , and the yummy airline food,
then you should fasten your seatbelt and clap your hands!!

Happenings: He who must not be named flew to MAA for dinner at Sparky’s Diner. “He” met the Chef. Or rather the Chef met him and enquired why he was not eating anything. He had just stepped off a plane. He had just been treated to tapioca and a gravy-yard of fish. He was just digesting the fact that he had eaten local gastric generator specialties on an aircraft. He came to the conclusion, that the wings at sparky’s ( Never trust a skinny chef ) , were no match for the 3 mile island at Hooters .

He then bid adieu to the Chef, and proceeded home, to spread the word of cheese on his daily bread , and partook in it . After all , he was still hungry! Later in the week , he visited Richie Street, twice , in search of a match. He knew for many years that there was a void that needed to be filled, not dentally, not mentally, but optically. After a lot of matchmaking and moser baer coaster generation , he settled for a dusky beauty, a Liteon multitasker!

Also, he went home and proclaimed, ‘let the computer remain on, when all those around remain in darkness, but let it be known that he who stays on too long, eventually will return to the darkness’ .

3 weeks later, he felt another void. This time it was a void Tablet(); . So this little piggy went to the bank. This little piggy went to the market. Finally this little piggy returned home with a Iball Graphics Tablet ( 8″ x 6″ ) .

Finally, a creation:


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