24 hours ago…

Fast asleep, someone knocked on the door, not to meet me, i continued to snore

15 seconds of fame! i thought i saw, my fortune telling skills , on sandman’s friends paw!

breakfast is served, a familiar voice said, i gobbled down my puttu, and i was well fed!

checked on my email, let down a friend 😦 , no movie for you, you have to spend!

Spent time in banks, not my own money, watched a stadium , it wasn’t funny

Lunch was a treat, but eaten alone, like a non dairy , cheese filled calzone.

Visited a lady, who convinced me to lend, a chunk of my salary, for my family to spend

Insured my future, i set off to find, her majesty’s library, light for the blind!

set off to conquer, the omlette that is fruity, the indian coffee house, certainly, did its duty!

Kimo is company, on the way home, a detour to a stadium, the collesium of rome!

Cow’s mom and sister, and lately the lady, are all other bookies, at the stady(ium)

Frank abagnale junior, is my dear friend, walks me home, right till the end

A call on the way, enquires , how things are going, Not the same, i just wasn’t glowing

Back home, theres an emergency, though in pakistan, Spice girls make a comeback , now that makes me yawn!

The toss will be made, by just one team? , will the match be made? it waits to be seen!

Cocos owner, sends me her wishes, in the midst im sure, of cleaning thier dishes

thank you Coco, and thank your owner, the first email ensures , that this day is no downer!

Jayalakshmi, the shop, heres a piece of advice, start selling gowns, or it wont look nice!

Sari’s suit people, some better than others, but men dressed like clowns, now thats a wacky brother!

on to the stock martket, im off to fiddle, with passports that are switches, ready for me to meddle



Indian Coffee house is no Lounge 47, in Queens, but comes a close 2nd
Uncles cannot celebrate every birthday in style at Lounge 47
Nephews might not be available for these afore mentioned parties!


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