Feeling down and out lately?

Are you feeling down in the dumps ?

The nightlife not feeling so lively these days ?

Using zonealarm as your personal firewall ?

Installed security update MS08-037 (KB951748) and facing a sudden loss of internet connectivity ?

We may have the ideal solution for you!!

As listed by experts from Zonelabs (the creators of zonealarm itself!) … “These symptoms can result in a Sudden loss of internet connectivity for no apparent reason” . The solution is simple and easy! Either uninstall the security update MS08-037, or , just disable your firewall , and upgrade to the latest version from Zonelabs!

More info from our special reporters here :

The Telegraph
Google News

So be aware! Try our new hotfix and restore your once lost internet connectivity! No longer shall you be trapped behind multiple layers of security and be unable to talk to your DNS servers!


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