About (Finally Updated!)

April 23, 2006

To be continued…

Yeah… right.

Tarun’s Activities are the creative and destructive musings of a certain Tarun , and they bear no resemblance to the views of his/her employer. Infact, im quite sure that my emploter, or any employer for that matter would not have a view, so skewed, and would ask that the employer be left out of the media, if and when such fame and fortune is obtained.

Tarun’s activities, and wordpress.com share no pain or gain in your misreading and misunderstanding of the musings displayed on this users account. We shall not be held responsible for your actions, reactions, and any other form of convulsion that may occur after the reading of the blog.

At certain times, certain words may be s****** out (starred out) , to provoke the imagination of the reader. These words may or may not be revealed in the course of the blog. We are not responsible for your misinterpretations and the damage caused due to this..